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China's powder metallurgy auto parts market demand maintains rapid growth

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China's powder metallurgy auto parts market demand maintains rapid growth

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Due to the superior performance and low cost of powder metallurgy materials, powder metallurgy parts are widely used in automobiles, including shock absorber parts, guides, pistons and low valve seats in the chassis; ABS in the brake system Sensors, brake pads, etc.; pump parts mainly include key components in fuel pump, oil pump and transmission pump; engine, including conduit, seat, connecting rod, bearing housing, variable valve timing system (VVT) key components And exhaust pipe bearings, etc.; the transmission has parts such as a synchronous hub and a planetary carrier.
With the rapid development of China's auto industry, the auto parts market has also maintained a rapid trend. In 2015, China's automobile production reached 24.503 million, ranking first in the world; China's auto parts manufacturing industry achieved sales revenue of 3.23 trillion yuan, an increase of about 10% compared with last year. On the other hand, after China joined the World Trade Organization, not only the supporting OEMs and parts buyers of foreign autos and other industries have ordered bulk metallurgy products in China, but also foreign host companies have set up factories in China to promote the supply of powder metallurgy products. The localization needs are constantly expanding, and the expansion of these demands has brought rare opportunities for the development of China's powder metallurgical enterprises.
From the sales value of powder metallurgy auto parts, the sales value increased from 86.621 million yuan in 2006 to 367.826 million yuan in 2015, with a compound annual growth rate of 17.28%, and maintained a trend of sustained rapid growth. The powder metallurgy auto parts market Demand is growing rapidly
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